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The logo to the right is of our Elegant eMail™ (EeM) suite, designed for North American companies who want to grow their business beyond our borders. You may buy Elegant eMail™ logo items here. The EeM seminar is a half-day you can put to immediate use. The EeM toolkit is a chart and workbook showing how easily foreign language characters can be used in printed, e-mail and web (HTML) communications.
...people sharing values not just data.

Systems Thinking, both our parent company and the movement in general, is all about people and the way they congregate, communicate and collaborate. As more companies deploy active measurements to capture, slice, dice and repurpose the intellectual capital within their payrolls, our role here at ROCK EEL, within the systems thinking movement, is leading the mindshare to the “real economy,” the small business under 250 staff, by keeping the focus on the person, and their intrinsic value.

No amount of technology will replace honestly paying attention to what people say and how they say it. No low-fat diets here: restoring the rich cream of local context to the skim milk of today's business communication is part and parcel of serving a dish folks want to order again and again. We're not in the [...] business, we're all in the people business, pure and simple. Honestly and ethically monetizing our relationships to create durable customer value in a scalable, sustainable business model is a message that never grows old.

ROCK EEL is a unique federation of high tech firms and high touch professionals...people sharing values not just data. Founding members include:

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